Connecticut Governor-Elect Reaffirms Support for Adult Use Marijuana Legalization

Ned Lamont

HARTFORD, CT — Governor-elect Ned Lamont reaffirmed his support for regulating the adult use cannabis market in Connecticut.

Lamont is one of four gubernatorial candidates to be elected in November after campaigning on a platform that included legalizing marijuana.

Speaking with reporters last week, Lamont said that he would work with lawmakers in 2019 to enact legislation to regulate the retail distribution of marijuana to adults.

Legislators in 2018 debated three separate legalization bills; however, those efforts were eventually tabled due in large part to a lack of support from outgoing Gov. Dan Malloy.

Democratic legislators in the House and Senate indicate that enacting adult use legislation is among the party’s top five legislative priorities for 2019.

Democrats control both legislative chambers in the state.

According to an August 2018 statewide Quinnipiac University poll, 59 percent of Connecticut voters support legalizing the possession of personal use quantities of marijuana by adults.

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