Pennsylvania Governor Signs Law Eliminating License Suspension Penalty for Marijuana-Related Offenses, Other Crimes

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D) signs a bill into law in June 2018. (Governor Tom Wolf via Flickr)

HARRISBURG, PA — Democratic Governor Tom Wolf has signed legislation into law eliminating mandatory driver’s license suspensions for a wide range of non-driving related crimes, including marijuana-related offenses.

House Bill 163 amends existing law so that those age 21 or older convicted of certain drug-related offenses unrelated to driving are no longer subject to the revocation of their license.

Some 149,000 Pennsylvanians are estimated to have had their licenses suspended for non-driving related drug crimes between the years 2011 and 2016.

In 1991, federal lawmakers threatened to withhold transportation funding to state governments unless they mandated licenses suspensions for drug-related crimes. Today, fewer than a dozen states continue to impose such bans.

The new law abolishing the ban takes effect in six months.

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