Florida Voters Pass Amendment Restoring Voting Rights to Marijuana Felons

Florida voters today passed Amendment 4, which amends the state constitution to restore voting privileges to those with non-violent felony convictions.

Under Florida law, first-time possession of marijuana in amounts greater than 20 grams (less than one ounce) is classified under state law as a felony offense. Only one other state, Arizona, classifies minor marijuana offenses so punitively.

“Florida is a national leader in annual marijuana arrests. In many cases, those arrested are charged with felony offenses for simple possession,” said NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano. “Passage of Amendment 4 restores voting privileges to those tens of thousands of Floridians who have been stigmatized by a felony marijuana conviction, and makes it clear that the collateral consequences of a non-violent drug possession conviction should not forever bar one from participating in the democratic process.”

In 2016, Floridians passed a separate constitutional amendment regulating medical cannabis access to qualified patients.

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