Washington Regulators Walk Back Prior Approval of Certain Cannabis-Infused Products

OLYMPIA, WA — Representatives of Washington State’s Liquor and Cannabis Board have re-evaluated their stance with regard to the retail sale of a variety of cannabis-infused products, such as hard candies and fruit chews.

Following a review by staff, regulators announced last week that sales of infused products that may be “especially appealing” to children will no longer be permitted.

The specific products targeted by the Board are: “hard candy,” “tarts,” fruit chews,” jellies,” and “all gummy type products.”

Under the change, retailers will be allowed to sell their existing inventory until April 3, 2019.

Sales of infused chocolates, cookies, caramels, and mints will continue to be permitted.

Infused edible products comprise an estimated nine percent of Washington’s retail cannabis market.

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