In Seattle, Hundreds of Past Marijuana Convictions Will Soon Disappear

Seattle, WA (Wikimedia Commons)

SEATTLE, WA — Judges on the city’s municipal court have agreed to a motion, filed by Seattle City Attorney Peter Holmes, to vacate hundreds of former low-level marijuana convictions.

In an order signed by all seven municipal court judges, they opine, “Inasmuch as the conduct for which the defendant was convicted is no longer criminal, setting aside the conviction[s] and dismissing the case[s] serves in the interest of justice.”

Defendants convicted between the years 1996 and 2010 are eligible to have their records expunged. City officials ceased prosecuting low-level marijuana offenses in 2010, and Washington voters legalized cannabis possession statewide in 2012.

All eligible past convictions are anticipated to be vacated by mid-November.

In recent months, District Attorneys in a number of cities – such as New YorkSan Francisco, and San Diego– have similarly moved to expunge past marijuana convictions.

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