Florida Governor’s Opposition to Medical Marijuana Hurts His Senate Bid

Florida Governor Rick Scott (R)

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — Republican Governor Rick Scott‘s failure to expeditiously implement Florida’s voter-approved medical cannabis law hurts his support among voters, according to polling data compiled by StPetePolls.org for FloridaPolitics.com.

Nearly half of voters polled (49 percent) said that they are “less likely” to support Scott’s US Senate candidacy because he “opposed medical marijuana” legalization, and because “his administration delayed implementation of the [voter-initiated] law.” Only 37 percent of respondents said that they would be “more likely” to support his candidacy.

Seventy-one percent of voters in November 2016 approved Amendment 2, a constitutional amendment to permit medical cannabis access. Lawmakers in 2017 significantly amended the law to bar patients’ use of smoked cannabis, among other changes.

In May, a Florida Circuit Court struck down the smoking ban, but the state is appealing that decision.

According to the StPetePolls.org survey, 66 percent of voters believe “that legal medical patients in Florida should be allowed to smoke medical marijuana,” and 74 percent are supportive of permitting doctors to recommend cannabis therapy to authorized patients.

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