In Delaware, Some Past Marijuana Convictions Can Now Be Expunged

Last week, Delaware Gov. John Carney signed into law a bill that allows hundreds of Delawareans to clear their records of marijuana possession convictions.

The new law applies to individuals who have a single conviction on their record. A second conviction, whether it’s marijuana-related or otherwise, would disqualify the individual.

Delaware decriminalized simple possession of marijuana back in 2015, but records from old marijuana charges can shut the door on opportunities.

Now, individuals with a single conviction for possessing up to an ounce of marijuana automatically qualify to clear their record.

To receive an expungement, individuals first request their certified records from the State Bureau of Identification. Then, they pay a fee and fill out a form to apply for mandatory expungement.

The expungement forms are on the Courts website, under the Superior Court heading, and are listed by county.

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