Cannabis Puts Best Face Forward with Stylish Interior Design

Cannabis Puts Best Face Forward with Stylish Interior Design
Andrew Amelinckx
March 13, 2019

n the early days of cannabis legalization, the rush to open dispensaries was so fast and furious that little thought was given to the retail aesthetics and experience. But today, in an increasingly competitive market, retail design is beginning to take notice as a way to capture the hearts, minds, and Instagram stories of new cannabis consumers.

Just look at this Instagram post of an overzealous customer showing off his dance moves in Planet 13, a high-end dispensary in Las Vegas.


That Was Then, This is Now

The trend toward design-heavy retail aims to capture customers new to cannabis and improve the overall customer experience, according to industry experts.

Take improving the checkout experience through design, for example. Ron Throgmartin, the CEO of Seattle-based retail brand and retail development company Diego Pellicer Worldwide, said the company’s designs feature six checkout stations, wide aisles, and a dispensing system that allows the cashier to quickly get the product to the customer. “They’re not running out onto the floor or back into the warehouse to grab the product,” he said. “It’s right there behind them, so the flow and the execution of the retail sale are smooth.”

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