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The criminal president Donald Trump is seen in a close up shot while giving a policy speech.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Monday, April 22, 2019 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// State-Legal Marijuana Use Makes Immigrants Morally Unfit for Citizenship, Trump Administration Warns (Marijuana Moment)

// Top execs at American weed retailer MedMen quit amid ex-CFO’s claims of financial duress (CNBC)

// Expungement Efforts Surge on 4/20 With Ben & Jerry’s, Code for America (Leafly)

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// How the Queen of Etiquette Got In on Pot (Rolling Stone)

// Study: Wisconsin would see $1.1 billion benefit with medical marijuana legalization (

// Congressional Committees Outline Plans For Marijuana Reform In 2019 (Marijuana Moment)

// Rep. Ilhan Omar: Legalize marijuana nationwide expunge criminal records of those jailed for pot offenses (Newsweek)

// The Indica vs. Sativa Distinction Isn’t Real (Slate)

// Lots Of Politicians And Companies Are Tweeting About Marijuana On 4/20 (Marijuana Moment)

// Carl’s Jr. CBD Burgers Go Over Big in Denver (Leafly)

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