USDA Intends to Finalize Federal Regulations Governing Commercial Hemp Cultivation by Late Summer

WASHINGTON, DC — The United States Department of Agriculture is aiming to finalize regulations governing the licensed production of industrial hemp by this August, according to a notice filed this week in the Federal Register and first reported by Marijuana Moment.

The USDA notice emphasizes that such regulations must be in place in order to facilitate commercial hemp cultivation in a manner that is compliant with the provisions of the 2018 Farm Act.

Under those provisions, states that wish to license commercial hemp cultivation must submit their plan to the USDA. However, the agency is not reviewing any state-specific plans until it has finalized its own federal regulations.

The agency had previously announced its intent to have regulations in place prior to 2020.

In December, Congress enacted legislation removing industrial hemp (defined as cannabis containing less than 0.3 percent THC) and products containing cannabinoids derived from hemp from the federal Controlled Substances Act.

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