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A burst of fireworks goes off overhead a Utah town backed by mountains bathed in the last of the days light.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Monday, July 22, 2019 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Utah Licenses 8 Companies to Grow Medical Marijuana (Leafly)

// Pot being sold on sidewalk outside shuttered illegal dispensary (Toronto Star)

// In legalizing marijuana, Canada did everything differently. Here’s what we can learn (Boston Globe)

These headlines are brought to you by Curaleaf, one of the leading vertically-integrated cannabis operators in the U.S. With legal medical marijuana dispensaries, cultivation sites, and processing facilities all over the United States, Curaleaf has served more than 100,000 medical cannabis patients and looks forward to helping many more long into the future. Swing over to to learn more about this very cool company!

// Banks Are Redlining the 99% Out of the Legal Cannabis Industry (Leafly)

// Cannabis sales jumped $11M in May as more stores open (Global News)

// THC slushies pirate radio and the cannabis-driven boom in a Mohawk community (CBC News)

// High hopes: Buttigieg pushes for marijuana legalization (NY Post)

// In 2018 Denver’s Power-Hungry Marijuana Grows Reduced Their Electricity Demand For The First Time (CPR News)

// Louisiana grower says medical cannabis rollout a ‘few weeks’ away (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Canadian cannabis LPs line up to swipe CannTrust’s medical patients while sales are offline (Financial Post)

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