Las Vegas City Council Approves Ordinance Licensing Cannabis Lounges

LAS VEGAS, NV — Members of the Las Vegas City Council have voted in favor of a proposed municipal ordinance permitting licensed facilities to allow on-site marijuana consumption.

Under the new measure, customers must be at least 21 years of age and bring their own cannabis.

Licensed social use venues will not be able to provide patrons with either marijuana or alcohol, and cannabis use must be relegated to indoor spaces away from public view.

Applicants who wish to operate an on-site consumption facility will need to apply for an annual license from the city. Initially, only licensed dispensaries will be able to apply for on-site consumption permits.

Those advocating in favor of the new ordinance opined that the establishments will serve as destinations for tourists visiting the city.

Although Nevada law does not explicitly permit social use spaces, a 2017 Legislative Counsel Bureau opinion states that local governments have the option to regulate such establishments.

To date, only the state of Alaska — as well as a handful of cities, including Denver and West Hollywood — regulate on-site marijuana consumption.

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