Craft Cannabis: It Doesn’t Have to Mean Overpriced

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Craft Cannabis: It Doesn’t Have to Mean Overpriced

When consumers hear the words “craft cannabis,” they might assume it’s unaffordable or overpriced.

Ron Throgmartin, the chief executive officer of Diego Pellicer Worldwide, wants to bust that myth.

When Diego Pellicer, a cannabis retailer with stores in Washington state and Colorado, was founded in 2013 in Seattle, its goal was to offer local consumers “craft or connoisseur cannabis,” Throgmartin said.

But, he said, “our concept has a place in all communities because one of our fundamental beliefs is our stores and our experience is not exclusive to the wealthy.”

Here, Throgmartin talks with Marijuana Business Magazine about how craft cannabis purveyors can design stores and stock products that appeal to everyone.

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