Oral THC Administration Mitigates Night Sweats

Investigators from UCLA, Stanford University, and San Francisco State University assessed the use of dronabinol in five cancer patients who also suffered from persistent night sweats. Two subjects reported “complete resolution of night sweats” following cannabinoid therapy, while the other three patients reported “a decrease in the severity of their night sweats.”

They concluded: “Once the patients experienced resolution of their night sweats, other symptoms such as anxiety and fatigue improved as well, which lead to an improvement of their overall quality of life. Symptoms resolved in less than one week of initiating the dronabinol [treatment] for all five patients. … Future research could benefit from a double-blinded randomized trial of dronabinol versus placebo treatment for the management of night sweats in patients with oncologic disease.”

Full text of the study, “Dronabinol for the treatment of paraneoplastic night sweats in cancer patients: A report of five cases,” appears in the Journal of Palliative Medicine.

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