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The Time is Now for Diego Pellicer Worldwide

Few times in human history has a market worth hundreds of billions of dollars gone untapped by major companies. The majority of the US population approves the end of federally sanctioned marijuana prohibition. When the laws fall, our doors will be open.

Being first is more important than being best. Thankfully, Diego Pellicer has designs on both. We’re already the #1 ranked result for the search term “premium marijuana” and we have secured multiple first rate locations in Colorado, Washington and Oregon.


Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc. is a real estate and a consumer retail development company that is focused on developing Diego Pellicer as the world’s first “premium” marijuana brand by adhering to the highest quality and standards for its facilities along with both cannabis and non-cannabis products. The company’s initial focus is to acquire and develop legally compliant real estate locations for the purposes of leasing them to state licensed companies in the cannabis industry. Diego does not grow or sell marijuana or marijuana infused products in the early stages of the plan.

Diego’s initial revenues derive from leasing real estate and selling non-cannabis related products; however, when it is federally legal to do so, Diego will be properly positioned to take advantage of pre-negotiated acquisition contracts with selected Diego tenants in marijuana retail and production facilities throughout the country. Diego’s proprietary model will allow it to become a nationally branded marijuana retailer and producer, instantaneously, with the change of federal law.


  • Lease legally compliant locations for growing, retailing or medical dispensing of marijuana.
  • Participate in profit of café operations of non-infused products.
  • Participate in the profit of ancillary products including branded apparel.
  • In some cases we sign contracts with our tenants, with the right to acquire at our discretion.


  • Grow marijuana.
  • Sell marijuana.
  • Profit from the sale of marijuana.

DPWW Financial News:
Diego Pellicer Worldwide Provides Corporate Update

DPWW Other Information:
We have received a few inquiries regarding the status of a subpoena we received on May 23, 2014 from the United States Departed of Justice represented by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington.  Our attorneys have prepared the letter attached addressing the conduct taken by the Company to comply with the subpoena and the status of the subpoena to date. –  Opinion Letter

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Diego offers great value to investors as a financial vehicle that gives them the ability to enter an emerging market with a leading brand—Diego Pellicer. The initial value proposition of Diego consists of a standardized approach to the build-outs of real estate holdings, customized for premium marijuana grow and retail operations. The build-out model is optimized to maximize resources while minimizing costs and overhead. With each build-out, Diego pre-negotiates acquisition contractions with licensed DP Grow and DP Retail tenants, which, upon changes to federal law, introduces our second value proposition—ownership of operations from seed to sale in an industry that is projected to exceed $8 billion by 2018 and will soon rival that of traditional markets such as tobacco and alcohol.”

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