Diego Pellicer – Colorado Celebrates First Anniversary

Retail location’s success proves Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. business model

DENVERFeb. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — It’s Valentine’s Day and Diego Pellicer – Colorado has plenty of reasons to celebrate. It’s been one year since the store opened its doors in Denver, establishing the premium Diego Pellicermarijuana brand in Colorado. Sales are strong and increased 64 percent in the just the fourth quarter alone. To better serve its increasing customer base, Diego Pellicer – Colorado has almost doubled its staff since November. Plus, plans are in place for continued advancement including upgrades at its Denver marijuana grow facility, new store acquisitions and new product collaborations.

“In just one year, Diego Pellicer – Colorado has established itself as the premium brand in the marketplace and demonstrates how licensed tenants can maximize profitability in the rapidly expanding cannabis space,” said Ron Throgmartin, chief executive officer, Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. “With our premium branding, leadership and experience, we look forward to helping other retailers and operators experience such prosperity.”

Double-Digit December Sales Growth For Diego Pellicer – Colorado Demonstrates Winning Formula For Premium Marijuana Branding And Retail

Double-Digit December Sales Growth For Diego Pellicer – Colorado Demonstrates Winning Formula For Premium Marijuana Branding And Retail


Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. 

Jan 23, 2018, 11:16 ET

DENVERJan. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The month of December proved to be a record-setting month for Diego Pellicer – Colorado since opening in February 2017. Sales were up more than 25% over the previous month and more than 130% over June. Even though Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc., doesn’t directly profit from the sale of marijuana, the success of its branded tenant reinforces the business model and demonstrates a proven formula for marijuana retail and branding success.

“By elevating the customer experience, ensuring the product on the shelf is deserving of our premium branding and maintaining competitive pricing, Diego Pellicer has honed in on the ‘premium’ market in the rapidly expanding cannabis space for licensed tenants and their customers with discerning tastes,” said Ron Throgmartin, chief executive officer, Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. “We applaud Diego Pellicer – Colorado for their outstanding efforts to ensure a first-class customer experience with results that demonstrate success.”

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Tips for Running a Best in Class Cannabis Dispensary

Tips for Running a Best in Class Cannabis Dispensary

Neil Demers  | 

At Diego Pellicer – Colorado, we want to provide people with an exceptional experience and product that leads them to becoming loyal customers. As the cannabis dispensary marketplace becomes more crowded, standing out from the crowd becomes more and more important. The following are some of the things that we think make DP – CO stand out from the crowd and contributed to our being named the “Retail Dispensary of the Year” at the 2017 Cannabis Business Awards.

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Diego Pellicer – Colorado Named “Retail Dispensary Of The Year” At Cannabis Business Awards 2017

Diego Pellicer – Colorado Named “Retail Dispensary Of The Year” At Cannabis Business Awards 2017

Diego Pellicer – Colorado’s executives and employees also take home top honors

Diego Pellicer – Colorado, the premium Denver-based dispensary and brand licensee of Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc., won “Retail Dispensary of the Year” at the prestigious Cannabis Business Awards 2017 on December 7. In addition to taking the highest honor in the competitive cannabis retail category, Diego Pellicer – Colorado employees took home “Executive of the Year,” “Manager of the Year,” and “Budtender of the Year” during the ceremony held at the Denver Performing Arts Center.

“From our retail environment to our knowledgeable employees, we work hard to elevate the marijuana shopping experience, our community and the industry,” said Neil Demers, CEO, Diego Pellicer – Colorado. “I’m beyond proud of the Diego Pellicer – Colorado team for their wins tonight. It’s an honor to work alongside some of the most creative and hard-working people to be found anywhere in the cannabis industry. They have helped me achieve my goals and I’m going to continue to help them achieve theirs.”

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Light Up The Holiday Season With Premium Gifts For The Cannabis Connoisseur

Make it merry with marijuana from Diego Pellicer stores in Washington and Colorado

SEATTLE and DENVERDec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Santa has a little something extra in his sleigh for adults on his “nice” list in Washington and Colorado. Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc., the premium marijuana brand and retail development company, reveals its 2017 outstanding marijuana holiday gifts from Diego Pellicer stores.

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Welcome to Diego Pellicer, where you can find $420 cannabis cigars and other high-end pot products

By Jean-Sun Ahn
September 01, 2017 09:45 AM EDT

Diego Pellicer (pronounced pey-ser) is probably the fanciest pot shop you have ever seen.

There are two locations, one in Colorado and another in Seattle, Washington, which has been open for less than a year but it’s always bustling with regulars and tourists. In addition to its luxurious appearance, the shop boasts the highest-quality cannabis.


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Inaugural 2017 Cannabis Trend Report

Cannabis Trend Report: How Marijuana Will Continue to Disrupt 2017
By Civilized Staff
Jul 25, 2017

Over the next few years we will continue to see great advances in the industry as more states approve legal cannabis use. North America should continue to see increased sales volumes, more scientific research, new products and expanding investor interest.

The caveat is that the industry still faces headwinds from inconsistent and unsettled federal and state regulations and the continued classification of cannabis as a Class 1 narcotic. This ongoing dispute stems from cannabis’ special political, social and legal role as a disruptive plant to established industries producing essential consumer items such as paper, plastics, medicine and clothing. But thanks to grassroots activism at the state level, the cannabis industry should continue to make advancements that benefit its patients, consumers and the overall industry well past 2017. Now, onto the report…

Look for More Luxury Cannabis Brands

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7 of the Best-Designed Marijuana Shops Across America

7 of the Best-Designed Marijuana Shops Across America
It was inevitable that high design would find its way into a booming cannabis industry
By Nick Mafi
April 18, 2017

With each passing year, it seems the societal taboos around marijuana are slowly fading into thin air. Consider, for example, the following fact: According to a recent Gallup Poll, support for cannabis legalization in the U.S. is up to 60 percent—an all-time high. What’s more, 28 states and the District of Columbia have recently legalized medical marijuana. With that, of course, comes the potential windfall of new business for cannabis growers and sellers. Yet, there’s another group that should be added to the list of those who will benefit from this, and it’s not who you’d first come to expect: architects and interior designers. Naturally, as the industry grows, and competition stiffens, each company will look for an edge to bring in more patrons. And that includes smartly designed spaces. Although the industry is still in its early stages, AD surveys seven of the best-designed marijuana shops across America.

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Diego Pellicer Worldwide Recognizes a First!

Diego Pellicer Worldwide Recognizes a First!March 7, 2017

SEATTLE, March 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc., a real estate and consumer retail development company that is focused on developing the world’s first “premium” cannabis brand, today announced a first in the Company’s history of operations.

The 4 Branded tenants Diego Pellicer has under its operations, covering Washington and Colorado, have all performed under their lease agreements and paid rents for March 1st. This marks a first in the history of Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc., and leads the way to a cashflow positive financial picture. The business model is reliant on the tenants’ success and their ability to perform under our unique business model. Washington opened the flagship store in Seattle in the fourth quarter of 2016, and our Colorado store opened last month to great fanfare.

Our exclusive tenants have secured multiple state cannabis licenses, including medical and recreational cultivation licenses, infused medical and recreational products manufacturer licenses (Medical Processor License for edibles and concentrates), and retail licenses.

Ron Throgmartin, CEO of Diego Pellicer Worldwide, stated, “2017 is the breakout turning point of the company’s future, with all our tenants stepping up to the plate and performing under their agreements. We are poised to be cash-flow positive, proving our business model, allowing us to leap forward with new acquisitions, increase our market share, and follow our growth strategy, to drive shareholder value.”

The full third quarter 2016 report for Diego Pellicer will be available on the SEC website at https://www.sec.gov/.

Can Cannabis Infuse Passion Into Retail? An Exclusive Look at Colorado’s Newest Premium Dispensary

Can Cannabis Infuse Passion Into Retail? An Exclusive Look at Colorado’s Newest Premium Dispensary

1 Mar 2017
By: Kate Senzamici

Medical and adult-use marijuana retail franchise Diego Pellicer is commonly referred to as “the Starbucks of weed” – a far cry from the image of shady, underground pot operations that has traditionally dominated public conception of the industry. In trend with the U.S. recreational cannabis retail landscape (which exists now in some form in eight U.S. states, plus the District of Columbia), Diego Pellicer (DP) stores provide a differentiated, formal, and decidedly premium retail experience. The second U.S. location opened February 14 in Denver following a $1 million renovation (the first opened in Seattle in October 2016) as an independent brand licensee focused on owning and operating legally compliant dispensary and grow operations.  I spoke with Diego Pellicer Colorado CEO Neil Demers about what goes into introducing a new retail format and CPG product to the mainstream retail landscape—and what traditional retailers can learn from cannabis.

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